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LABoral Art and Industrial Creation Centre


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Located in Gijón, Asturias, LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial was opened on 30 March 2007.

LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial (Art andIndustrial Creation Centre)is a multidisciplinary institution, which produces, distributes andpromotes access to new cultural forms arising from the creative use ofICT's programming section and intended for all audiences, offers severalways to involved in the various activities of the program:exhibitions, events, workshops or educational programs.

It was born withthe aim of establishing an alliance between art, design,culture, industry and economic development, and aspires to become a space forinteraction and dialogue between art, new technologies andindustrial creation. Between its walls, it opens the way to theproduction, creation and research into the most recent artistic concepts. It is in the old UniversidadLaboral as part of the set of projects developed by the Principality of Asturias for its City of Culture.

LABoral isdesigned as a platform of resources available to designers to facilitate thedevelopment of ambitious projects in the fields of visual arts, design andarchitecture. The local presence of the institution is considered as animportant factor to boost the relationship between creators and thoseof other Asturias regions ofSpainor abroad. Laboral has since itsinception, worked with numerous institutions in Spain and Europe, the purposebeing to extend this network to other regions.

LABoral is:

  • A multidisciplinaryinstitution that produces, disseminates and fosters access tonew forms of culture emerging from the creative use ofICTs.
  • A platform for access totools and know-how to support artists and creators inthe development of ambitious projects in art and industrialcreation environments.
  • A cross-cutting programmetargeting all audiences with the goal of sharingknowledge.
  • Offers a variety of ways toengage with the different programme areas.
  • Acts as an anchorage pointfor the purpose of fostering dynamic relationshipsbetween the artistic and creative communities in Asturias and therest of the world.
  • A Centre for the productionof contemporary art works that will form part of ourfuture heritage.
  • A Centre for innovationavailable to the public and artists.
  • A "museum with a difference"where you can experience art, new technologiesand industrial creation.


Plataforma 0_LABoral Production Centre

Platform 0 is amulti-purpose space. It is a centre for production, artistic research,innovation and education. It is a place for implementing ideasand trying out prototypes, with workspaces for experimentationand production with audio, video, light, electronics, processing,movement capture, computer vision and videogames. The intended audienceis the local artistic and creative community as well as artists,creators or foreign researchers in residence participating in the exhibitions atLABoral.

fabLAB Asturias

Laboratoryequipped with digital fabrication machinery providing consultancy andproduction tools for individual or collective creation, courses andtraining workshops.


Studio set forexperimentation and research into expanded performativepractices and new audio-visual forms.


Audio and digitalvideo platform, with all the equipment necessary for recording,editing, production and postproduction.


Located in PatioSur, ecoLAB explores the potential of crossovers between art,ecology and open electronics.

Media Library/Archive

A place for theinvestigation, consultation and dissemination of today's art and creativeindustries. It features the Archive of Asturian Artists, documenting thework of creators born from the 1950s onwards.


A place for meeting, leisure, active participation and resting.

You can find more information here.